EBS TV Host Yoni’s report about The Curfew that has been imposed in Majang Zone of Gambella Region

The zone’s security force has declared that an emergency inspection will be carried out at any time!
The security breach and threat in the Majang zone in the Gambella area have been resolved, according to the zonal council. The review made note of the peaceful activity taking place in the area now that the issues with security breaches and instability in the area had been resolved.
The surprise onslaught that intruders in the area might launch is reportedly something that must be avoided.

It has been said that the security forces of the zone and the region would conduct emergency inspections as well as monitoring and control in suspected places to combat this threat. It is believed that district officials and kebele leaders must enlist the help of young people to guard their communities, especially when they hear or see something suspicious since they must promptly report it to the appropriate authorities.

It was announced that a time limit had been established in order to address the security danger, and here it has been said that hotels and commercial businesses will not be able to give services after four in the evening. Also, the Security Council has ruled that no vehicle, including motorcycles and three-legged vehicles (badges), may move after 4:00 p.m. He learned that the Federal Police, members of the Majang Ethnic Zone Security Council, all district administrators, district security sector heads, and police commanders attended the discussion meeting.

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