EBS TV Host Tinsae ana His Wife Got Surprised

Love is compassionate and patient, therefore always make fun of your husband. This quick rhyme ought to give you a decent idea of what we’ll be talking about in this topic. No, not quite, but pranks to play on your partner or girlfriend come close to being relationship objectives.

Long-term relationships thrive on good pranks (although there are other factors at play as well), so we’ve gathered the best practical jokes for you to pull on your loved ones. Furthermore, you don’t even need to wait until April 1st to pull off these practical jokes!

This list will definitely provide you some great prank ideas on how to spice up your marriage, from comical treasure hunts to adopting a wild coyote jokes, to celebratory cakes congratulating on healthy flatulence.

So be sure to scroll down below to see them all if you enjoy couple pranks. You can find amusing practical jokes here to suit every taste, and hopefully the target will think highly of your deft humor.

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