Dr. Abiy Ahmed Awarded Scholarships For 273 Students

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that 273 students with outstanding academic records have been awarded full scholarships in the United Arab Emirates. Bahir Dar: 21 February 2015 (Amico) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the UAE government has awarded full scholarships to 273 students who excelled in the 12th grade exit exam.

The Prime Minister also encouraged students to attend modern universities and travel to Ethiopia and Africa. The Prime Minister urged the students to work hard in order to benefit their country. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, was also present when the students who achieved outstanding results were recognized. “We are happy that 273 students who will help Ethiopia were able to do the exam properly,” he said after congratulating the students.

The Prime Minister asked every student in his message to seek wisdom and work to change the country. A student who stands up for the truth, in particular, will change the country tomorrow. According to FBC, you, the students who have achieved excellent results, should seek the truth in order to build the nation.

The Prime Minister’s other message to students focused on generational building; the previous generation has passed away, and the current generation is also passing away for the sake of the country.

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