Don’t touch us Abusha and her teenager Meron control the stage

Abdalla Hamdock, the prime minister of Sudan, has resigned as a result of weeks of demonstrations in Khartoum. The military coup that occurred in Sudan in October prompted thousands of people to demonstrate in the streets. Slogans demanding a return to power and a return to normalcy were chanted by opposition organizations. However, military action on Sunday resulted in the deaths of two protestors. The choice to remove Prime Minister Hamdock, who had held office for six weeks before being overthrown in a coup, places total military control over the Sudanese government. Prime Minister Hamdock declared that “the country’s basic life is at stake” in a speech delivered to the nation on television. “Despite all the efforts, no agreement has been achieved,” he claimed, adding that he had done everything in his power to keep Sudan in a “hazardous scenario.” As a result, “I have chosen to hand up my prime ministerial office to someone who can transfer Sudan to a civilian administration.” AFP, a French news agency, reports

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