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These days, there are no right or wrong ways to become famous. Reality television programs are an entirely valid and efficient way to expand your platform (or establish one for yourself from scratch) and network with industry professionals from the acting, singing, modeling, dancing, and other professional fields.

You might be apprehensive about sharing so much of yourself with the public or worried about the terms of a contract. Perhaps you simply want to know how this strange sausage is prepared. We’re here to give you an inside look at reality television, provide you with the answers to your inquiries, and provide you with all the necessary general knowledge.

One phrase sums up why a reality show is worthwhile of your time: exposure. In actuality, there is a term that comes before that one: free exposure. SAG-AFTRA membership is typically required in order to work in the television industry.You undoubtedly already know that becoming a union member is not only a laborious and time-consuming process, but also expensive.

Annual dues and first-time fees mount up enormously, and union membership in no way guarantees that you’ll actually appear on television and earn the money necessary to cover those dues. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the union; it only means that the procedure will take time.

Since reality shows are not affiliated with SAG-AFTRA, any performer appearing on them will receive any publicity completely at no further expense to themselves. Consider this: If a television show has 12 episodes, that translates to 12 hours of viewing time—possibly on a network—for which you paid exactly $0.

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