Dj Lee is saying enough is enough

Some individuals have a repugnant predisposition to attribute their distaste for anything to “gender equality.” Consider all the other alarming news reports about how increasingly, women are acting like males, engaging in theft, aggressive behavior, and binge drinking. It has been said that male behavior has diverged from what is expected of men. Consider Kay Hymowitz’s concerns about males acting more like boys. Isn’t it true that the subject of gender equality has us all concerned and perplexed? Whenever it seems as though men and women have “changed places,” people typically react adversely. Nevertheless, is that really the case? Let’s examine the proof more closely. First of all, as Peggy Drexler notes in that article, if you can’t trust your spouse to remain faithful, you can’t expect them to answer honestly in a survey. Additionally, research suggests both men and women cheat at rates that are probably higher than what is indicated by survey data. According to polls, the majority of married people value monogamy and don’t engage in it. Typically, neither men nor women engage in sexual offenses. The explanation is clear if we assume that the figures are typically true and that either more women confess to adultery than in the past or more women actually commit it.

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