Diaspora Families Established A Charity Foundation

She only received a 2 years, 3 month sentence. At first, he was optimistic, but as he learned about the nation’s issues, he began to worry about his business plans. Tamiru was concerned, but he assured himself that the issue was far from his house. Tamiru claimed that in the past, he had a bad belief. We received distressing news. But even then, it looked far away from us, making it hard to comprehend how it may affect my work.

Despite the fact that I witnessed destruction in other locations, I was confident that I wouldn’t be in danger. Tamiru observed the destruction of all he had as violent protests took place in his community. He lost his business, property, and more in a matter of hours. In 2020, a few communities in the Oromia region experienced this. During the turmoil, there were fires, thefts, and other crimes. Tamiru was devastated and was forced to leave Addis Abeba without any of his possessions in order to find a secure location to heal and perhaps start anew. He expressed his happiness at surviving. He claimed he wasn’t sure what could have been done to safeguard his assets and staff from harm and that he wasn’t aware what was expected of him. One of the instances when business owners have lost everything as a result of conflict is Tamiru’s experience.

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