Debre Barhan’s Cultural Tourism Ambassador is Blaine Mamo

As the representative of Debre Birhan’s culture and tourism, artist Blaine Mamo was chosen. Traveling to a location to explore the local culture is referred to as cultural tourism. This can be going to historical places, going to cultural gatherings, or getting a taste of local culture. As more tourists seek for experiences other than the typical beach vacation, cultural tourism is on the rise. They desire to become fully immersed in the community’s culture and discover the history and customs of a location.
My responsibility as a cultural tourism ambassador is to introduce prospective tourists to my destination and its culture. I collaborate with tour guides and travel agencies to create cultural tourism goods that are appealing to tourists. Additionally, I collaborate with the neighborhood to make sure that it is hospitable and friendly to guests. My ultimate objective is to give visitors a satisfying and memorable experience that will entice them to return and visit. Birhan Debre The most well-known center of worship in Gondar is the Selassie Church, which translates to “Trinity and Mountain of Light.”
Twelve circular stone towers that stand stoically guarding the church as you approach depict the 12 apostles and have done so for generations. The tallest tower, the thirteenth, is a representation of the Lion of Judah. The top part of the tower bears the impression of the Lion, which may be seen by keen visitors. The current palace, which was originally constructed in the 17th century by Emperor Eyasu II, underwent renovations in the 1880s as a result of a raid by roving Sudanese Dervishes and a lightning strike that reduced the previous structure to ruins. Every square inch of the church walls is adorned in vibrant illustrations of biblical scriptures that were originally painted for those who couldn’t read. The church offers a spectacular graphic summary of significant biblical stories with the aid of a guide. 135 cherubs sit casually along the circular cornice near the top of the walls, greeting weary visitors and interested onlookers alike as they look down across the enormous cavernous chapel.

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