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Cremation And Memorial Ceremony Of Singer Madingo Afework

Numerous families have come to Madingo Afework’s burial and Cremation Center throughout the years to plan a cremation for themselves or a loved one. Many of these people had no idea you could have a memorial ceremony with cremation before they came to see us.

Families have the option to hold a memorial service either before or after cremation, just like with a traditional burial. We firmly advise you to honor your loved one with a meaningful event, regardless of whether you decide to host a Celebration of Life at our Georgia Cremation Center, organize a typical memorial service at your church, or simply conduct a modest gathering at any other location of your choice.

After all, for families who have recently lost a loved one, the memorial ceremony is a very significant event. We’re here to help you celebrate your loved one’s unique life with a genuinely memorable memorial, whether you decide to have the service at our Georgia Cremation Center, your church, or somewhere else.

Everything is available through us, including straightforward memorial services, life celebrations, veteran services, and Catholic cremation services. You only need to ask, and Georgia Cremation will accommodate any particular requirements you may have.

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