Controversial Singer Veronica Adane’s Amazing Birthday Party

Is binge-watching the easiest form of enjoyment there is? Whether you want to revisit an old favourite or catch up on that one show you’ve been meaning to watch, spending the day immersed in your favourite programmes without the pressure of doing anything else is the best birthday present to yourself. Put on your cosiest sweatpants and remember to bring snacks. To pass the time, ask your relatives and friends for goods.

Even if you are unable to arrange an event, you can still invite people to join in on your birthday celebrations. Request items from your family and friends that will take up some of your time, such a funny TikTok or a song that makes them think of you. In case you’re not aware, your birth chart is a snapshot of the placements of all the major planets and astral bodies at the time of your birth and offers insight into your personality and life. Or, you know, it might be that Co-Star astrology app that all of your friends keep nagging you to download. A reading of your solar return chart, a provisional chart that summarises the upcoming year, makes a lovely birthday gift.

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