Controversial Birthday Celebration Of Model Lendana Solomon

Model Lindana Solomn is being up about the internet backlash she received in response to pictures at a family gathering in the summer, saying she has given up on trying to defend herself. “Honestly I feel like nothing I say can help the conversation,” Sweeney told British GQ for the magazine’s “Men of the Year” cover. “It’s been turning into a wildfire and nothing I can say will take it back to the correct track.” Photos from her mother’s 60th birthday party in August showed guests wearing parody MAGA hats and “Blue Lives Matter” T-shirts.

She continued by saying that while she “sadly” reads the comments, she often feels like social media misrepresents her. For example, comments she made to The Hollywood Reporter in July about not being able to afford a six-month career break were misinterpreted to make her seem unappreciative for her success. In response to some concerns she has heard from trolls, Sweeney told British GQ, “I don’t think there’s any winning.” “I hear people remark that she needs media training.

Do you want to see a robot, and why?” She admitted to feeling torn between two worlds, particularly when she visits Spokane County, Washington, where a large portion of her family and childhood acquaintances still reside. According to author Olivia Pym, her father “has never seen Euphoria or most of what she’s done” and “lives on a ranch outside of the U.S. without phone service.”

Sweeney claimed, “When I go home, my family doesn’t comprehend me or the environment I’m in anymore. “However, the way people live there is so very different from my home and the place that grounds me in this industry. I feel as though neither side of this debate fully comprehends me at this point in time.”

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