Communication Between Partners As A Foundation For All Relationships

I am aware of the affection I have experienced. I was compared to Hannan Tarik by some. All relationships must be built on communication, and without it, issues may arise. According to research, it is the main cause of divorce among American couples. According to Hardin, around half of the message that is sent and received while two individuals are speaking is nonverbal. By adopting a communication style known as a bid for affection, when one spouse reaches out to the other for connection and validation, Hardin advises taking a step back and considering your partner’s perspective when you’re speaking, especially when handling texts and emails.

A bid, according to her, might be something as easy as asking your spouse about their day or even sending them a hilarious video or GIF. “And then the relationship can benefit by regularly responding in a nice, supportive way,” she continued. Arguments from time to time are unavoidable and can even be totally acceptable. According to Hardin, what matters is how spouses dispute. Couples should deliberately listen to one another and speak respectfully in order to have a healthy dispute, she continues, rather than becoming emotionally charged, which can lead to further problems. Hardin advises suspending the talk and deciding to resume it later if you or your partner start to feel overwhelmed. Being physically close when dealing with a difficult subject can also be beneficial.

Holding hands or sitting closely together can help people stay emotionally anchored throughout an argument, according to Hardin. This can support a couple’s ongoing sense of love and connection and enable productive conflict. On occasion, a couple’s life can merge to the point where individuals lose their sense of self. According to Hardin, “if you keep your interests, this can help strengthen your sense of self.”
In order to be secure and capable of supporting your partner no matter what is happening with them, Hardin advises that you regularly take care of yourself. She also suggests exploring your values, interests, and hobbies on your own or with others.

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