Comedian Eshetu Melese: The Servant Of The Lord

As per well known Humorist Eshetu Melese, servanthood requires the right mentalities and desires, not just the smart activities. Filling the role ultimately shows itself. Pioneers should serve from the back to front. Servanthood starts in the heart. You are there to serve individuals, not yourself. Individuals matter more than programs, plans, and so on. It’s not necessary to focus on getting everything you could possibly want but instead what is to bring about some benefit for everybody.

You are there to serve individuals by developing them, communicating appreciation and support. There’s no need to focus on controlling them with commendation to acquire their participation yet rather really looking to enlighten others in all you say and do.

You are there to serve a wide range of individuals, even the loathsome, basic, double-crossers, and so on. There’s no need to focus on what causes you to feel much better or certified yet rather cherishing as Christ served. A worker isn’t smothering by a need to keep up with control but instead open to the commitments of others . . . doesn’t rule over.

A worker isn’t self-serving yet rather benevolently respecting the assessments of others and not continuously assuming the praise for what is finished . . . doesn’t see oneself as the sponsor.

A worker isn’t predominant yet rather resigned not feeling it underneath themselves to do modest errand or that which somebody in a “lesser” position could do . . . doesn’t need to behave like the best or the person who rules.

A worker isn’t parsimonious yet rather giving of their time and assets to individuals . . . doesn’t give hesitantly or with considered return.

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