City Mayor Surprised The Lucky Groom And Bride

The meeting between Mayor Adanech Abebe and mayors from other African countries in South Africa to exchange experiences was made public. He cited the African Mayoral Leadership Initiative (AMALI) City Leadership Forum that is currently taking place in South Africa, where Mayor Adanech Abebe and the mayors of Bahrdar, Adama, and Dese are participating.

It was proposed during this exchange of experiences that African cities and mayors should continue to develop a lasting legacy that spans generations as a result of public interest. According to the experience exchange, the mayors should take major action to speed up development and enhance the quality of life for residents of their communities.

According to the program, the Addis Abeba municipal administration contributed its expertise in this field. Dr. Akinumi A. Adensia, the president of the African Development Bank, reportedly announced that the bank will start lending money to communities to enhance the living conditions of their residents, according to information we acquired from the mayor’s office.

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