City Mayor Adanech Abebe Inaugurated The 14th Food Center

One of the projects that has been finished and is now offering services is the 14th Food Center, where up to 1200 residents who lack access to regular meals will be fed once a day. Also, it is understood that local farmers will share their produce at the food bank for three months. The ten initiatives completed in Yeka Kefle City, according to Mayor Adanech Abebe, who officially opened the centre, are evidence that humanity should come first in all of our activities. He claimed that by encouraging ethical investors to distribute their profits to their communities, we have also been able to encourage them to uphold their social obligations.

150 people now have jobs thanks to the opening and operation of a new bread factory, which has the ability to make up to 600,000 loaves of bread per day. According to Mayor Adanech Abebe, by giving the investors the right kind of support, the city’s bread supply, which was only about 300,000 before the relocation, was able to grow to over three million. Buildings for additional classrooms have been constructed in three schools. It is claimed that raising the student-to-teacher ratio to 50 kids in a single classroom and avoiding shift teaching will increase educational quality.

He argued that because education is the foundation of generations, it is receiving more attention, and he asked the public to support and maintain schools. Ato Tolatu Yene, General Manager of the rank of Deputy Mayor, stated during the inauguration ceremony that the 60/90 days plan had resulted in a genuine change in the society. He also thanked the investors and participants in the work for their support.

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