Charming Interview With Comedian Habte

Comedian Habte Shares his life experiance with the tiktokers show. I had a breakup a few of years ago, which wrecked my head. I received a text message from this individual on January 1st letting me know that, no matter where life had taken us, she had found me to be one of the highlights of the year. However, I choose to interpret that breakup as a sign that I was unlovable, unloved, and unattractive. I completely disregarded the fact that she had actually stated something kind about me and instead developed a number of crippling internal stories that made me feel less valuable. Our default story when we are rejected romantically is that there is something wrong with us. We’re not talented or intelligent enough, but we also lack something. Mark Manson wrote in his book Models, “I view all rejection as a sort of incompatibility.” Your power is diminished and your growth is stunted by the initial default story. However, choosing the second option gives you more strength and speeds up your development. When we encounter professional rejection, whether it be from a publisher who declines to publish our book, a business that decides not to hire us, or a customer who doesn’t want our product, we erroneously believe that the rejection is of us and not of our work. Instead of having a growth attitude, we end up with a fixed mindset, which limits our professional potential.

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