Cervical Cancer Patient Samri Passed Away Last Night

Samri has left us. The most difficult situation to handle is losing someone you love. It is a type of physical pain that you experience all over your body. It is the worst kind of suffering. And to make matters worse, it seems that nobody else shares your feelings.

People gather around you in the initial weeks and months, cry with you, listen to your stories, bring you food, check on you frequently, and assist with all the little things you can’t bring yourself to think about. However, the crowd starts to dwindle after three months. People appear to expect you to resume your regular life when you do so. You experience grief aloneness for the first time. You prepare yourself over the first year and get through the first birthday, anniversary, vacation, and holidays since your loved one passed away.

Then comes the true, true suffering. You understand that you must continue. You must find a way to carry on after surviving the first anniversary of all of those events. Therefore, NO ONE has the right to advise you on how to handle your grief. Nobody should be able to tell you when to stop crying, going to the cemetery, or getting rid of your loved ones’ possessions. When you are prepared to make changes, only you can determine.

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