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Cellulite and Sagging Skin Causes and Treatments

What causes my cellulite?

85–90% of women have this dimpled-looking skin condition called cellulite. Genetics and hormones are to blame. It results from a struggle between fat cells pushing up the skin and strong collagen bands pulling the skin down.

Why do I have sagging, loose skin?

The legs and buttocks of those with cellulite have dimples (usually in women). Wavy skin is a sign of drooping, loose skin.

How can I get skin that’s tight and firm? How can I address loose, sagging skin or cellulite?

Johnson Dermatology offers a variety of treatment solutions to reduce cellulite and loose skin wherever on the body because we recognize that it is neither our fault nor something we like to have. Dermatologists have a thorough understanding of skin and how to improve skin appearance.

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