Celebrities Comforting Late Artist Tariku Baba’s Ex-Wife

Finding the appropriate words to express comfort to a friend who is struggling can be challenging. “I’m here for you” may not always seem to be enough to convey your feelings for someone. You might want to make things better, even though you know you can’t, whether it’s a family argument, a horrible breakup, or the death of a loved one. Even if it’s not what they want, you might try to assist them by providing them with solutions to their difficulties. The most beneficial action is to simply listen to someone without passing judgment, she continues. But because people instinctively want to assess and solve issues, it’s rarely as simple as it seems.

Our solutions occasionally may not sound very helpful. For instance, if a friend is unhappy about a breakup, you might respond by telling them they “need to move on” or “need to get over it” because their ex wasn’t a decent person in the first place. However, according to Borschel, feelings are always correct. She advises refraining from making comments on your friend’s problems in that circumstance. Sit down and pay attention to them instead. It might be more effective to reassure a depressed buddy that you would feel the same way if you were experiencing their problems. Tell them you’re there for them and tell them it’s acceptable to cry, advises Borschel. She explains that the reason why some individuals suppress their tears is because they feel embarrassed to cry in front of other people, and that’s why we should constantly let our friends know that they have someone to cry on.

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