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Causes of dryness and cracking in the heels and simple fixes

Even while cracked heels look bad, they usually don’t cause any serious issues. Extremely rare cases of cellulitis, a skin infection, could develop from severely fractured heels. There are remedies you can use, no matter why your heels are cracked. There are several ways to stop heels from initially breaking. When the skin around your heels becomes thick and dry, it may signal the onset of cracked heels. Heel fissures can develop when dry, thick skin is put under too much strain. At least twice daily, apply foot moisturizer. You can buy over-the-counter moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated or get rid of the dead skin on your heels. If the cracks in your heels are severe or don’t heal after a week of treatment, see a doctor. It may be necessary to see a podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in issues with the feet, ankles, and lower legs, to provide treatment for you. Use dressings or a bandage around the heel to keep your skin from shifting. During this procedure, a medical expert scrapes off the thick, rough skin from your heels. Don’t attempt to finish this alone. An infection could occur from excessive skin removal.

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