Businessman And Tiktoker Mensur Jemal Opens About His Family

Mensur the tiktoker was interviewed. Mensur sobbed when his mother came up. Even if you have a brilliant business strategy, a track record of success, and a strong desire to help your country, you won’t be able to get enough money right now. It’s not your fault that you lack good concepts, expertise, or a solid reputation. It’s just that you have no method of getting others to put a lot of money into your project. The capital market’s primary task will be that. The second section is for business owners who want to sell their company and go from the industry.

Find potential buyers for the company or its components if you and your family have owned it for 50 years and wish to retire. You can sell your firm to many individuals via the financial market by conducting an initial public offering (IPO). When a business speaks with a person one-on-one, they jointly determine what something is worth. By participating in an IPO on a stock exchange, the public can influence the market. You might believe that my company is worth $1,000 per share, but others might place a far higher value on it—perhaps as high as $2,000 or even $5,000 per share.

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