Breaking News About The Lost And Found Kid Soliyana

She was going to be turned over by the nanny for 40.000 Birr. The good news concerning young Soliyana. Soliyana Daniel, 2, who was abducted by her nanny a few days ago, was located in Sululta city as a result of intensive surveillance carried out in conjunction with the National Intelligence and Security Service, according to a statement from the Addis Abeba Police.

Recall that on the morning of Thursday, March 7, 2015, Solyana Daniel Saris, 2, was taken from the neighborhood of Addis Sefer by her housekeeper Beza Bekele, according to information that has been making the rounds on social media. The Addis Ababa Police received the petition that the child’s parents had submitted, worked in coordination with the National Intelligence and Security Service, traveled to various cities and regions outside of Addis Abeba to gather crucial information, and carried out labor-intensive surveillance.

The Addis Ababa police finally announced that Beza Bekele was arrested today, March 12, 2015, in a kebele called “Nono Mana Abichu” in Sululta city, where she was hiding her baby, Soliana Daniel. The police recalled that the monitoring work was very exhausting, saying that it was necessary to go to the door day and night. Because she was convinced that she would receive 40 thousand Birrs in payment, the suspect was able to steal and conceal the baby after being taken into custody by the police. According to Addis Ababa Police, the search for additional suspects who are allegedly connected to the crime is ongoing.

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