Boy who looks for his mother

Tale of the boy who looks for his mother. When accountable city administration bodies explicitly acknowledge that they don’t maintain a systematic record of the number of condos developed or the number of blocks, units, or locations, something is obviously off. A condo complex was alleged to have lost an entire block of units a few years ago, and some of those units are still lying vacant and in ruins today.

How could such a priceless item become so inexpensive that it went unreported and unclaimed? The government and the vast majority of Addis Abeba people are both extremely concerned about the lack of housing, in other words. The only resource that contributed to the previous administration’s downfall was misused and speculation in urban housing.

The EPRDFites and their allies are said to have traded and gambled on urban land with such a sloppiness that they are said to have become millionaires overnight.

According to rumors, the ‘neglect’ was carried out on purpose and on purpose so that ultimately insiders in the City Administration could claim them. The generosity of the city government in “rewarding” its workers.

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