Billionaire Worku Ayitenew’s Wedding Reception-Part 2

Worku Aytenew is a multimillionaire business tycoon from Ethiopia who controls numerous sizable corporations throughout the country.

Worku Aytenew also sets the pace in the conflict with the TPLF, which backs Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in Ethiopia. He provides the soldiers with financial support and inspiration. Worku even traveled to the front lines of battle when the Tigrayan rebels advanced in order to inspire the troops opposing the insurgents. As a result, Worku increased in fame and popularity throughout his nation. Due to this, Worku Aytenew established the W.A. Industrial Audible Oil Complex in 2016. Sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame seed oil, and palm oil are all produced at the factory, which also crushes and refines crude oil.

Through its trading activity, the company was able to import and distribute palm oil worth ETB 5 billion (USD 200 million). As a result of Worku’s inspiration, he advanced the W.A Oil Factory and Distribution PLC edible oil project. This enormous factory was built in Debremarkos, Amhara Regional State, on a leased 101,103m2 plot of land. The company’s headquarters are in Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis Abeba. The corporation produces 60% of its goods for domestic consumers and the remaining 40% is sold to other nations.

Due to the company’s reliance on the farmers for raw materials, 500 hundred farmers have been assisted in becoming self-sufficient. The facility also makes soap detergents in addition to oil.

Additionally, Worku created Worku Import, Export & Trading PLC in 2015.
Over a five-year period, the corporation imported goods at a rate of about ETB 1 billion (US$35 million).
It was created in 2015 and was a significant distributor and importer of palms to control the local pricing.

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