Beniyam, a medical student, received some fantastic news.

Beniyam, a medical student, received some fantastic news at last. When I was younger, I had little interest in documentaries, but as I grew older and developed an interest in real-life stories, I came to understand that everyone has a narrative inside of them that is just waiting to be heard. I became passionate about documentaries.

They convey heartfelt narratives of common people despite being untamed and raw, free of the richness and glamor that fictional movies frequently depict. They were the finest form of storytelling, in my opinion. It is really amazing, said Edom Amanuel, a documentary enthusiast anxious for the Addis International Film Festival.

The Addis International Film Festival is one of the initiatives that use documentaries as a way of promoting a concept and examining stories from all over the world. The annual film festival was started by Initiative Africa in 2007.

For the past 16 years, it has been held annually in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, and is the largest independent documentary film festival in Africa. It began as a unique project that aspired to support innovative methods of using the power of film to raise awareness of social issues.

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