“Being kind gives you a lot of peace”artist Meseret Mebrate

Despite the frequent confusion between “niceness” and compassion, kindness has deeper implications. Its layers include compassion, empathy, and generosity. When faced with a usually harsh society, being nice also takes a lot of effort and emotional stamina. There are many possibilities available when making this choice. For many years, there has been a lot of research on the benefits of kindness. Studies show time and time again that having compassion is associated with better health and a feeling of wellbeing. 201 studies on behaviors driven by ideas like compassion, trust, and collaboration were examined in research published in Psychological Bulletin in 2020. A “small and meaningful” connection between improved physical and mental health has been found. It’s fascinating to notice that ‘informal helping’ or ‘unplanned acts of kindness’ were linked to important health benefits. When we talk about stress, cortisol must be brought up. This is referring to the “stress hormone.” It is necessary in extremely stressful situations. Our bodies are prepared to either fight or flee in order to survive. But when we are powerless to escape from unendingly trying situations, that stress hormone has harmful repercussions. It has been shown that kindness can reduce cortisol levels and return our body to a more calm, balanced state.

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