Balageru Idol Contestant Impressed The Judges

The contender who took the judges to their feet sang for his mother while he was on stage. According to my observations, nothing new has been done here, and the projects carried out by Chinese companies are succeeding. Maybe there are a few issues. However, if there are any recent stories about the activity of Chinese companies here, I am not particularly aware of them.

Being in Ethiopia is a very unique chance for me because it is the capital of Africa, which would make doing business and performing my duties easier. But more importantly, I think that in terms of its past, Ethiopia holds a special place. The fact that this is a country I have known well since I was a small child thanks to its last monarch, Haile Selassie I, whom I saw in the streets of Shanghai while he was touring China, made me glad when I was sent to be an ambassador to the African Union here. I’m overjoyed to see his proud country. Ethiopia continues to play a crucial role in Africa for a variety of reasons, and China will always maintain its solid and long-standing ties with Ethiopia and the continent. If Ethiopia is to soon become an industrialised nation, it requires such a huge hydroelectric dam.

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