Awkward Interview Of Two Renown Female Celebrities

Entertainer Saron Ayelign is no more peculiar to off-kilter interviews, so when we heard shamed figure skating champion Bruktawit Shimelis planned to show up on Great Morning Addis Ababa, being a smooth-running definitely wasn’t going. The 48-year-old, who went to the 2018 Brilliant Globes to help I, Bruktawit – the film wherein Margot Robbie plays her – showed up on the show to talk about her past and the film. Notwithstanding, when Wharfs blamed her for “playing the person in question”, she took steps to stroll off.

“Perhaps it suits you to play the person in question, the casualty was Mahider Asefa,” Saron expressed, alluding to the one who was clubbed in the knees with a police cudgel by a man partnered with Bruktawit and her ex Selam Tesfaye. Accordingly, Bruktawit said: “I regard you for attempting to pose these inquiries, I’m here to discuss the future and what it implies, my film will help such countless individuals, that it is alright to request help. So that is the reason I’m here.” She proceeded: “Many thanks however I believe I must say have a goodbye.”

The most cringe worthy interview of this current year came from an extremely startling celeb, Mahider Asefa. The model seldom makes reference to something besides her family and her vocation on interviews – so her tactless act was extremely unforeseen. Highlighted in the series of recordings Complex does, where stars (generally rappers) go out on the town to shop for mentors, Mahider made some “remarks” on Air Max 95s that went so popular it even turned into an image. Beside saying ‘dope’ and ‘new’ more than anybody ought to, the word ‘homeboy’ tracked down its awful way into her responses:

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