At a wedding, female performers Ruta, Amleset, Hanan, and Nigist perform.

Observe someone’s body language when they are near you to determine if they are trying to conceal anything from you. Does the person feel at ease and welcomed while they are with you? Someone who hides their feelings finds it difficult to remain composed. If a gesture does not exude openness, relaxation, and peace around you, that is one sign that someone is hiding their feelings for you. People who are physically calm tend to be more honest and open about their feelings. You may choose to ignore it, but when someone consistently displays concern for you, when your pals call and text you, invite you out, and make an effort to listen to you, that is a sign that a relationship is showing some certainty and hiding thoughts from you. Always be mindful of how people behave around you and while you are there. One sign that someone is attempting to conceal their feelings from you is when they establish frequent eye contact with you. Do they fix their gaze on you when you speak for a while? If the answer is yes, the person might actually be interested in you but be hiding their feelings. Making eye contact is one way to improve a relationship with someone. It suggests that I esteem and care about you. Therefore, if you notice someone gazing admiringly at you, they are likely attempting to conceal their affection for you. You may psychologically tell whether someone likes you by how they make time for your needs. Despite their best efforts to conceal their affection for someone, they are always accessible. People who keep their emotions hidden believe that being available will make them happy, and they should be more honest about their intentions. They are the first people to show up to your event, and they assist you and make sure everything goes according to plan.

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