Artist Tariku Baba’s Boy 5th Year Birthday Celebrated During An Amazing Road Trip

Every road trip had its own unique set of challenges, especially as neither of our children enjoys travelling in the backseat and rarely sleeps there for any length of time. We always managed to get beyond our challenges, and you will too. You’ll emerge from your first road trip with your infant or toddler stronger as a parent and with a new set of family memories, no matter what happens.

To ensure that you and your family have the best trip possible, we’ve shared the top five lessons we’ve learned about taking a baby on the road. Taking your infant on their first road trip is an exciting experience, whether you’re taking them to their first family reunion or just going on your first family vacation.
But let’s face it, bringing a young child on a long road journey for the first time can be just as nerve-wracking as putting them on a plane. We have been there. More times than we can count, we’ve driven our kids the 8 hours to see their grandparents.

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