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Artist Surafel Speaks The Truth

The nightclubs were visited by the Addis Ababa City Chamber’s Standing Advisory Committee on Development and Environmental Security to evaluate the harm caused by noise pollution. The standing committee’s chair, Mrs. Niametullah Kebede, voiced concerns to the locals about the disturbance brought on by the loud noise coming from these nightclubs.

The Addis Ababa City Environmental Security Authority Office emphasised the necessity of executing the provided policies and procedures in order to control this pollution. The Environmental Protection Authority in Addis Abeba’s deputy director, Ato Mulukun Jonas, claims that 36 nightclubs completed rigorous noise monitoring and control procedures. Melisma, commonly referred to as chloasma or the “mask of pregnancy,” is a frequent skin disorder marked by the appearance of dark, atypical hyperpigmented patches on the skin,  typically on the face. While it is more prevalent in women, it can affect anyone.

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