Artist Qalkidan Tibebu’s Amazing Road Trip With Her Baby

Baby’s first road trip is an exciting occasion, whether you’re taking your infant to meet family for the first time or simply traveling on your first family vacation. But let’s face it, taking a newborn or toddler on your first lengthy road trip may be just as nerve-wracking as taking a kid on a plane.There, we have been.We’ve taken our kids on the 8-hour drive to visit their grandparents more times than we can count.

Every road trip presented its own set of difficulties, especially considering that neither of our kids like riding in the backseat and hardly ever slept there for any amount of time. We always overcame our obstacles, and you will too – you can do this!

Whatever happens on your first road trip with your baby or toddler, you’ll come out on the other side stronger as a parent and with a fresh batch of family memories. We’ve shared the top five lessons we’ve learned about traveling with a baby on the road in order to help you and your family have the greatest trip possible.

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