Artist Hanan Tariq Dancing At Her Sister’s Wedding At Karl Square

Karl Square, which was under construction, was opened to traffic. in order to reduce traffic congestion near Carl Square, the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority began road work late Saturday night to demolish the roundabout and replace it with traffic signals. The lifting and paving of the road have both been finished, and the road is now in use.

The Addis Ababa Traffic Management Agency will install traffic lights and complete any other finishing touches in the upcoming days without interfering with local traffic. The office would like to thank the stakeholders and drivers who patiently waited for the Carl Square traffic improvement work to be completed in accordance with the planned schedule.

Ethiopians will always remember Mr. Karl Heinz for his selfless deeds as a humanitarian during our nation’s natural tragedies, for which he had a monument built here. The monument built as a result of the road work will be placed in a specific location, and the Addis Abeba municipal administration will name the route from Basrate Gabriel to Birth Court after Mr. Karl. As a result, the tale of Mr. Karl, who owed us money on a horrible day, will be remembered in the future.

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