Artist Dawit Tsige performing Ethiopia

Ethiopian performance by artist Dawit Tsige. The process known as privatization, which is intended to transfer tasks and obligations, in whole or in part, from the public to the private sector, can boost the logistics industry.

The primary driver of privatization is the pursuit of managerial and operational efficiency, which can be achieved by lowering operational costs and enhancing and expanding port services and infrastructure (D. Song et al., 2001a). Various privatization tactics normally involve the injection of finance, technology, managerial resources, and managerial expertise in an effort to accomplish this.

When inland ports are discussed in terms of their current function as vital links in the logistic supply chain for inland ports, it implies that the effectiveness of their operations has a direct impact on the operation of other businesses in the system. Private ports have established their superior productivity throughout the world, particularly when it comes to the effective utilization of resources in contrast to inputs for the intended service.

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