Artist Bezawit Mesfin’s Unexpected Incident

Bezawit Mesfin, an artist, what happened to him? The Ethiopian Church is being persecuted to a new degree by Abiy Ahmed’s government. In response to the most recent attacks, his government “temporarily” suspended Mahibere Kidusan Television for allegedly encouraging conflict between “religious groups.” The government letter cited Mahibere Kidusan’s May 21 transmission of breaking news coverage. The administration of Abiy Ahmed stated that the reporting by Mahibere Kidusan interfered with the Holy Synod’s meeting and incited unrest.

According to the statement issued by the Broadcasting Authority, it has also been confirmed that the breaking news coverage’s subject matter was violently inciting. However, the government made no mention of the precise violation of the country’s media regulations or the specific content that led to the suspension of Mahibere Kidusan Media.The suspension followed allegations that the Federal government was pressuring members of the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to nominate bishops based on ethnicity, in violation of Orthodox Church canons, notwithstanding the canons’ prohibition.

Mahibere Kidusan, an organisation that has spent the last thirty years promoting Orthodox teachings both inside and outside of Ethiopia and supporting the Ethiopian Church, wrote the Holy Synod two weeks ago to urge them to make a decision regarding the strategic plan, structural modification, and administrative amendment.

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