An entertaining interview with artist Halima

Show featuring artist Halima Halima Abdurahman on a Saturday afternoon. One of a couple’s most treasured memories is their wedding day. As a result, it needs to be carefully planned and carried out. There are many preparations to be taken for the ideal wedding, and choosing the wedding venue is one of these important choices.

Many factors need to be taken into account while planning an Ethiopian wedding, whether it is a destination wedding or has an Ethiopian theme. The list of the greatest wedding locations in Ethiopia that we have put together will, in our opinion, help you have an outstanding wedding day.

The picturesque hilltop location of this resort, which looks out over two lakes in the Rift Valley and a forest in Nech Sar National Park, makes it one of the greatest wedding locations in Ethiopia (Chamo and Abaya).

This jungle paradise lodge is situated in an exceptional and spectacular location that is surrounded by a virgin forest, making it genuinely outstanding and providing the ideal setting for seclusion, comfort, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Clients can tour the area while bird-watching on foot or by horseback, and they offer English-speaking bird-watching guides who are locally trained.

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