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Amazing Woman Fall in Love With Cheetah

You might be considering the incredible Ethiopian woman Mulualem Girma, also referred to as “The Hyena Whisperer.” Mulualem Girma and the hyena, one of Africa’s most feared animals, have a courageous and unique friendship. Mulualem Girma lives in the town of Harar in eastern Ethiopia, where it has long been tradition to feed wild hyenas. In order to prevent hyenas from attacking livestock and people, people in Harar have long fed them at night. This tradition has been enhanced to an impressive degree by Mulualem Girma. She has earned the title “The Hyena Whisperer” as a result of her many encounters with hyenas. According to legend, she has a strong spiritual connection with hyenas and considers them to be kin.

Mulualem Girma’s story received attention on a global scale through films and news pieces. Her interactions with hyenas show the complex and even unexpected ties that can arise between people and wildlife, even in situations that may seem dangerous to others. Her work has also raised awareness of the importance of working with wildlife and creating plans to protect both the animals and the locals’ way of life. It is a unique and inspiring narrative of how people and wildlife cohabit in Ethiopia.

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