Amazing Wedding Rehearsal By Model And Actor Henok Dinku

In all honesty, it’s difficult to locate a “official” timeline of the storied rehearsal dinner’s origins. According to Thomas Waters, owner and event planner for The Renaissance in Richmond, Virginia, there is one conclusion we can certainly draw: they started to gain popularity as weddings changed from being a casual affair in churches or BBQ backyards to becoming a production.

This trend started in the 1950s, and ever since then, the wedding industry as we know it today has grown. As weddings became more grandiose and ornate, the significance of practising the event and assembling required friends and family memes increased. He tells that everyone had to be gathered in order to practise the ritual due to the wedding blast. “When you consider that cameras and videographers are now a fairly common phenomenon, the necessity of everyone being at the correct place at the right time is increased.” Who There is no denying the delight involved in planning a wedding. But now, instead of just one day, couples get a whole weekend! A rehearsal dinner is customarily given the evening before the wedding to honour your most significant guests. Here, we cover every step of organising a fantastic rehearsal dinner, from choosing guests to adding thoughtful final touches.

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