Amazing Graudation Ceremony Of Actor Yigerem Dejene’s Son

Renown artist Yigerem Dejene’s son graduation was held on Saturday, November 12 and he made breath taking speech about the conclusion of the school year presents a unique chance to honor the children who make up the school’s “senior” class, regardless of what grade levels are taught there. The transition of pupils from primary to elementary, elementary to middle, or middle to high school is referred to by a different name in many school systems that reserve the term “Graduation Day” for grade 12 students.

This unique and unforgettable occasion is also known as Move-Up Day, Promotion Day, Recognition Day, or Step-Up Day.This month, we discussed the methods in which our Principal Files team recognizes its grads. We discovered that the range of celebration events is as diverse as the graduates themselves!

“We think that after graduation, families should come first. Everything starts from there because parents come to see their children cross the stage, according to administrator Tony Pallija, who spoke to Education World. Pallija is the principal of a high school, but his ideas regarding graduation apply to all grade levels.

He and the staff at North Canton Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio, go above and above to keep families informed about forthcoming activities. “We pay the extra postage to mail each family a ticket invitation to the ceremony, along with information regarding parking, hours, dress, and how many tickets they will receive.” We mail whatever you name it.

The children are also featured prominently in North Canton’s ceremony. Pallija continued, “Student speeches at graduation are the greatest.” “We encouraged them to discuss the past four years and the future. We don’t hire PhDs to advise children to be adaptable or lifelong learners.”

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