All You Need To Know About Adey TV Drama

Us is ultimately a story of hope—and the trains and destinations it takes to get there—in what Adey TV drama stars have referred to as “a rom-com in reverse.” Everything starts when Connie unexpectedly breaks the news of their divorce to Douglas one morning after 20 years of marriage. A final celebration before son Albie leaves for college, their planned large European tour is not to be canceled, so Douglas chooses to go ahead with it, alter himself, and change Connie’s mind. What possibly could go wrong?

In addition to transporting you to the cafes, canals, and winding cobblestone streets of Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, and Barcelona, Us also takes you back to the mid-1990s when Douglas, a rigid and logical scientist, and Connie, a free-spirited artist, first meet, fall in love, and start a life together. Douglas fiercely clings to this life as he fights to protect his vision of “us,” which is being attacked by the tourist’s conundrum of spontaneity vs. planning, the conflict between his father and son, and a couple of wildcard ladies.

Expect to cry, laugh, and as an added bonus, let your long-repressed wanderlust loose! Thaddea Graham (The Irregulars), who plays Albie’s boisterous and eccentric new friend (and Douglas’ contrast), and Sofie Grbl (Fortitude, The Killing), who plays divorced Danish dentist Freya, round out the current cast.

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