After their newborn child was born, singer Tadele Roba shocked his wife.

You remember squealing with delight when you saw your darling child holding hands with another kid at the nursery. They’re holding hands once more in high school, but things could take a serious turn this time. We are all aware that at some point, our teenagers will undoubtedly fall in love romantically. Parents, though, frequently experience confusion when this happens, which is unusual, right? We’ve all been adolescents once or twice. We’ve all had secret crushes, blushed, made our first tentative love confessions, felt like something special was occurring, and had that first, enthralling physical touch from a romantic interest. We chuckle as we see the sneaky kindergartener giving a kiss. In the social media era, we laugh and share videos of other people’s kids acting cheeky as we upload films of our cheeky kindergarteners kissing each other. Carefully designed mashups of guys and girls on billboards, writhing, jiggling entertainers, and influencers on social media are constantly hammering our teenagers with subtle messages on how to behave.
They must be seductive, or at least attractive. Even without needing to “like” your opposite gender, being non-binary is challenging enough. They hope to achieve all of this while experiencing love at first sight. Such a relationship is destined to last a lifetime.

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