After a long apart, the mother and son finally met

It is impossible to dispute the special bond between mothers and sons. If you’re looking for solid evidence to back up the special relationship between a mother and her son, though, you won’t find much. The closest I could get was a brief 2015 study in which all mothers reported experiencing high rates of “disgust sensitivity” in the first trimester. Only those expecting sons, however, continued to report having considerable levels of disgust sensitivity during the second trimester. The argument used to support this was that male fetuses are more ecologically fragile. Therefore, the aversions brought on by the mothers’ ongoing disgust response (or aversion to pathogens) are an act of self-preservation. That at least explains why mothers automatically keep an eye on their cherished males. The bond between a mother and son goes beyond the womb’s inherent protective instincts. Possible explanations for this unique link include the harmonious balancing of opposing forces. The sacred or divine male and feminine elements were said to coexist in ancient societies. These energetic opposites that dwell in each of us can, in my opinion, be balanced and amplified in constructive ways when a mother nourishes her son. Where we live, gender still dominates the world. Despite the development of new norms and the eradication of gender bias and unfairness, children still have to deal with the broad cultural expectations of their particular gender. In contrast to girls, boys are still expected to grow stronger, more resilient, and less sensitive. Girls are still expected to express their emotions with control, politeness, and compassion. Today’s women have a fantastic opportunity to enhance their sons’ feminine energy and embrace their own male energy, which will result in more full and well-rounded individuals overall. Let’s look at what the synergistic relationship between mothers and sons enables.

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