Adey Drama’s Abel New Single For Transport Agency

27 three-legged vehicles have been given away by the Oromia Transport Agency to unemployed young adults who have completed their educations. By providing them with free driver training, the agency has graduated 840 students from various universities and technical and vocational colleges who come from low-income families. This was done in collaboration with driver vocational training institutions.

In addition to facilitating the provision of transportation services, the agency is working on developing a programme that will allow graduates from various higher education institutions to find employment opportunities and make a living. This is according to the agency’s director general, Mr. Jamal Kedir.He claimed that he trained about 840 graduates gratis in conjunction with driver training facilities and obtained a driver’s licence.

540 women, according to ESA, completed this free training programme and obtained their driver’s licence. According to reports, the agency oversaw the establishment of driving schools, spent more than 9.2 million birr on 27 three-legged vehicles, and helped 54 young people without jobs who were living in substandard housing.

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