Adey Drama Star Bemnet Comments About Legendary Dr. Mihret Debebe

Author of the works Yetekolefebt Kulef (The Locked Key) and Lela Sew, Dr. Mehret is a well-known psychiatrist in practice (the other person). Tikur Anbesa Medical School at Addis Abeba University is where he earned his medical degree. Then he made his way to the US to pursue his psychiatric specialization.

He currently has psychiatric practices in both countries. Several of Mehret’s initiatives on mental, social, and cultural reform have garnered him recognition. One of the country’s few motivational speakers, he regularly appears in various media outlets. In Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Mehret was born.
He always dreamed of being an architect. He joined media school, though, after being persuaded by the environment.

In 1998, he graduated with his medical degree from Tikur Anbessa Medical School at Addis Abeba University. He later relocated to the United States and became an expert in psychiatry. Tikur Hospital in Addis Abeba is where Meheret earned his medical degree. He next traveled to the United States, where he enrolled at Saint Louis University and became a psychiatric specialist in 2008. Meheret served in military hospitals in the Hurso military camp close to the eastern city of Dire Dewa after earning her medical degree.

The Ethio-Eritrea war was in progress at the time, and Mehret treated the military personnel preparing for and participating in the conflict. Later, he relocated to Konso, another isolated location, where he joined Doctors without Borders. It was the year 2005, and the country was experiencing a severe drought. Dr. Meheret’s desire for studying psychiatry and comprehending people’s cognitive processes increased as a result of these experiences.

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