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A strong lady won’t let you get away with any crap because she is worried that it might make you lose interest in her. You’ll find that this woman has no patience for foolishness, as you’ll soon find out. You’ll come to understand it later, but she will correct you when you behave disrespectfully, not just because she is aware of her value and what she is entitled to, but also because she genuinely cares about you and the relationship and wants to put things right. She firmly corrects you and, when necessary, owns up to her errors. She doesn’t make accusations or place blame on others. If she is mistaken, she will take responsibility for it. She won’t go away. She will be there to support you and help you maintain your connection even under the most stressful conditions.
Considering that a strong woman is a warrior who does not readily give up. She will fight for you until the very end. Because they are the independent, self-sufficient people that they are, strong women are confident enough to let you go and be by yourself until you feel ready to come back to them. Strong women understand when you need space. She will demonstrate to you via her words and actions that she respects your right to choose whether or not to be with her. In her own life, she’ll keep herself busy and content in the meantime. Being in a relationship with a strong woman involves never having to second-guess your position. She’s been wounded many times before, but because she’s strong, she keeps showing her love and standing by it. She might be guarded at times since she’s been hurt, but with her commitment, tolerance, and patience, you’ll be able to see how deeply she feels.

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