Actress Tigist Girma Celebrated Cheshire Ethiopia’s 60th Anniversary

Ethiopia A walk was held today starting from Legehar Square and ending at Cheshire Walls in honour of Cheshire Ethiopia’s 60th anniversary, which was organised jointly by Cheshire Ethiopia and the Dredawa Administration Women’s and Children’s Social Affairs Bureau. The Women’s and Children’s Bureau of the administration is working to ensure the widespread participation and benefit of women, children, the elderly, the disabled, and those vulnerable to various problems and their rights, according to Mr. Abdrahman Musa, Head of Labour and Social Agency of Women’s Children and Social Affairs Bureau, who attended the inauguration ceremony and gave the opening speech.

By ensuring that women, children, the elderly, and those with disabilities participate and benefit equally in all fields, the Dredawa Women, Children, and Social Affairs Office hopes to make Dredawa, a place where social progress has developed, by the year 2023. He claimed that for the past 60 years, an indigenous non-governmental organisation called Cheshire Ethiopia has worked to benefit disabled people in all spheres, leaving its mark on the country.Mr Fasil Ayele, the executive director of Cheshire Ethiopia, stated that during the 60th anniversary of Cheshire Ethiopia, the activities carried out in the past 60 years in reducing the social sector’s challenges, the construction of a service centre in Dredawa and the neighbourhood, aimed to raise income and raise awareness of misconceptions about disability they said.

Dredawa Cheshire Ethiopia has been offering all-inclusive rehabilitation services for 23 years, according to the manager of the centre, Ato Balai T/Zion. He described the four ways in which the service is delivered. The centre offers inpatient medical care, those who are unable to travel there receive services at home, and in addition to providing physical support, it also aims to help the disabled person become employable through support for their education, health, and economy. The individuals we met while attending the festival expressed their appreciation for the assistance provided to them by Cheshire Ethiopia and suggested that other charitable organisations get involved in this worthwhile endeavour in the future.

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