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This reference index focuses on visual expressions, specifically painting, design, model, inscriptions, and, to some extent, materials, produced inside the Ethiopian region (currently divided into Ethiopia and Eritrea) over a significant period of time, from the Holocene period’s specialty of stone to modern craftsmanship.

During the first thousand years BCE, people from South Arabia established important communities in the northern portion of this region.

From the first century BCE until the seventh century CE, the Aksumite realm flourished there before becoming Christian in the fourth century.

There aren’t many pieces of Christian Aksumite craftsmanship still in existence, yet from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries, churches and strict artwork were continuously being built.

The creation inside of what is now Eritrea is occasionally included to follow the documented growth of the Ethiopian political space, notably for the Aksumite and earlier eras, although this book reference cannot be seen as far-reaching for later expressions in Eritrea.
Christian art has received more attention than other types of art, but it will receive correspondingly less attention in this book reference to provide references for other areas that have received less insightful attention.
As a result, neither the quantity of enduring workmanship nor the quantity of examinations done are represented in this book’s reference.
Additionally, there isn’t a general explanation of the variety of topics covered in this reference index, although occasionally there are outlines for the subtopics.

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