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Actress Selam Tesfaye’s Message From Hospital

The only consistent and reliable institution that I am aware of is the family. A happy family is built on the love and support that its members show one another. A family understands how to respect each member’s uniqueness and value their differences.

But in order for a relationship to last, two people need to accept and understand one another, show up for one another when they need it, and spend quality time together. Knowing and believing that your parents and siblings will always be there for you is what brings you closer. However, our ability to spend time together can be hampered by our daily obligations. The only way to achieve the compromise and constant nurturing required in all relationships, including family ones, Spending quality time with your family while engaging in activities you enjoy is known as family bonding time. Togetherness could be demonstrated by engaging in activities, going on a picnic, watching a movie, sharing meals, lending a hand, playing games, and much more.

It makes it possible for family members to interact, learn more about one another, feel closer, and develop stronger ties. By building bonds with families, children acquire important social skills. It teaches children how to act in social situations by having them watch their parents. It also makes it possible for parents to communicate more successfully with one another and set an example for their children.

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