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The realization that what has happened is irreversible is more strongly emphasized than in grief. The fact that your business failed and you are deeply in debt is something you cannot change. Not by numbing or ignoring the situation you find yourself in, at the very least. If your ex-partner abandoned you and your kids, it may hurt for a very long time. But nothing about it can be changed.

So try to accept it and start preparing your next move. This happens after you’ve finished screaming. You will start to feel better as soon as you can accept and understand what you cannot change. After being knocked down by life, it’s common to feel guilty, hold yourself accountable, and even to add self-hatred to the list. However, you must ultimately find a way out of the shadows and develop self-forgiveness.

In actuality, someone else has experienced all of your issues and depression before you. The emotions you’re going through right now are not unusual. Once you’ve forgiven yourself and are ready to move forward, it’s time to think about your options. Consider what can be changed after analysing what went wrong. If you did make mistakes, make a list of them all so you can get better.

Think about how you’ll approach things differently the next time if you didn’t do it. If you didn’t make a mistake but still failed, concentrate on the future. You can undoubtedly gain something from your experience. You should write down your long-term goals and break them down into more manageable daily goals.

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