Actress Rutha Mengsteab’s 10th Year Wedding Anniversary

Celebration of artist Rutha Mengsteab’s 10-year wedding anniversary.Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wished luck for the “baptism of light.” A celebration with numerous connotations is baptism. On the one hand, it acts as a reminder for Christians to develop humility, express their belief in God, and seek salvation and repentance. On the other hand, as a nation, we may create and celebrate our numerous Ethiopians’ oneness via the celebration of baptism.

Humility and baptism are related topics. Because baptism is the day that the Creator, God, and Lord are all baptised by their respective creatures: men and servants. It commemorates the moment when he humbled himself while still in a lordly position and taught humanity the value of humility through the sacrament of baptism. Another example given is the humility John the Baptist displayed throughout the baptism ritual. He believed that he was not constrained by miracles and earned the honour bestowed by the creator. “Will you come to me and baptise me? I need you to.”

He taught us that compliance is the path to power and strength, that doing justice while serving those less fortunate is the wellspring of supremacy, and that the secret to earning respect is modesty. People won’t comprehend the significance of baptism if they don’t acknowledge the touch when they believe they are above it and don’t really bow when they believe they are on top. The world has repeatedly shown us that individuals who disdain humility and chose pride, who find it difficult to humble themselves and exalt themselves, who dislike honesty and love to commit injustice, end up not growing but deteriorating, not being honoured but being degraded.

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